Friday, 10 October 2008

Thursday 15 November 2001


At 0530 hours I rose and started packing. Bed tea arrived at 0540 hours with breakfast at 0630 hours which consisted of porridge, scone type of bread and omelette.

At 0710 hours we left the campsite and climbed steeply to a pass, descended and climbed again, steeply, to a grassy plateau where camp had been set up. It was only 1110 hours and we had hot juice and then at 1200 hours lunch, which consisted of chips, tuna, and pasta with mixed vegetables and egg, cheese and onion soufflé.

In the afternoon I walked up onto a ridge and sat there for a while before returning to the campsite to do some washing. At 1600 hours we had afternoon tea and biscuits and at 1800 hours dinner. It was very cold outside and in mess tent.

At 1945 hours we retired to our tents and I read for a short time before lights out at 2020 hours.
Ascent for day was 615 metres with a descent of 300 metres. Maximum recorded altitude was 4299 metres.

This link will take you to other photos taken this day.