Friday, 10 October 2008

Sunday 4 November 2001

At 0650 hours I left hotel by bus for Terminal 3, Heathrow and transferred by train to Terminal 4, arriving there an hour later. Flight details instructed passengers to wait in the lounge but after waiting till 0840 hours I spoke to a BA representative and explained my cancelled and delayed flights with him. I was immediately shown to a check-in queue where I was attended to within a few minutes and had a seat on the Delhi flight. The only time that BA staff in my opinion were efficient.

On boarding the aircraft I became aware that the previous day’s flight to Delhi, which I was supposed to be on, was delayed and had still not taken off. I later learned that this was due to a bomb threat and mechanical problems. At 1230 hours, one hour late, my flight took off, with my original flight to Delhi still grounded.