Friday, 10 October 2008

Saturday 10 November 2001

Sunrise from Chiwa

At 0500 hours I woke to a hard frost, clear sky with a pink tinge and a cloud inversion. Rose at 0515 hours and packed before bed tea arrived at 0530 hours, then basin of hot water which I used to wash and shave. Breakfast was at 0630 hours, which for me consisted of porridge, toast and honey.

We set off on the trek at 0710 hours along the Nepal/Sikkim border with stops at heights of 3523 metres (two stops – same height) and lunch at 3453 metres. There were good views of Chamlang, Makalau, Jannu, Kangchenjunga and Pandim.

At 1600 hours we stopped at our overnight camp site (3726 metres). It was a very cold area and we had to wait for some of the yaks to catch up before we could get our bags etc. Had a hot drink while waiting. There was a hard frost and it wasn’t yet evening.

At 1830 hours we had dinner and retired to bed at 2000 hours and read. Lights out at 2050 hours but I took a while to get to sleep as it was very cold, well my feet were and I was also wearing my balaclava.

Ascent for day 1165 metres with a descent of 575 metres. Maximum altitude was 3760 metres.