Friday, 10 October 2008

Saturday 3 November 2001

I arrived at Aberdeen Airport prior to 0700 hours to check-in for the BA 1303 flight to London Heathrow, which was due to take off at 0825 hours. I was advised at check-in, that the flight would be delayed due to fog at Heathrow and boarding would probably be around 0830 hours, which it was. Once on board the flight we were notified that there was still a delay and that the flight would now take off at 1005 hours. I spoke with an air stewardess regarding being unable to connect with my flight to Delhi, which was due to leave London at 1100 hours and was advised that I would be put on another flight, probably via Amsterdam or somewhere similar.

At 1010 hours we were advised that the take off time had been changed again and that the cabin crew were now over their working hours and therefore the flight was cancelled. We were told to vacate the aircraft, retrieve our luggage and go to the BA Ticket Sales. This I did joining the queue around 1045 hours.

About 1330 hours I reached the front of the queue, and after a dispute with a BA representative regarding flights, I was booked on the 1600 hours flight to Heathrow and the BA143 flight from London Heathrow to Delhi at 1130 hours the following day. (4 November.) I was advised this flight was over-subscribed by fifty, so I would need to be at Heathrow early to ensure a seat.

At 1720 hours, 80 minutes late, the flight out of Aberdeen took off arriving in London at 1830 hours. At a hotel check-in desk I booked into the Comfort Inn, Shepiston Lane, Hayes, Middlesex. The cost for bed only was £85 with a £5 booking fee. I had to wait for about forty minutes for a bus to transfer me to the hotel arriving there around 2000 hours. Once I had checked in I had a snack and then retired for evening.