Friday, 10 October 2008


I was glad that I had booked this trek. KE were excellent in making the booking arrangemmets and in following up my phone call regarding my cancelled flight and ensuring I was met at Delhi Airport.

The trek itself was well organised with ample sherpas to allow us to walk at our own pace. Rex and Tashi were excellent leaders and I got on with most of my fellow trekkers especially Drew, Gill, Cameron and Gina.

The tents were of good quality and of course I was fortunate in getting one to myself.

There was always plenty of food and hot drinks. Obviously the food was different from what I was used to but it was of good quality, well cooked and enjoyable.

The weather was mixed, some warm sunny days and others cloudy. However when the sun went down behind the mountains it became very cold. My one criticism was that the trek information, especially for a first timer like myself, didn't indicate the extreme cold and the necessity for a down jacket, which I didn't have.

The trek was interesting with views of the high mountains of the Himalays, especially at sunrise and sunset when the views were awesome. I would however have liked a more challenging trek as I found some days very short and I seemed to spend a lot of the time in my tent. Some days could have been longer thus reducing the length of the trek by several days.