Friday, 10 October 2008

Monday 19 November 2001

Sunset on Kangch

At 0530 hours I rose and had the usual bed tea before packing. At 0630 hours breakfast consisted of porridge, toast and boiled eggs.

At 0720 hours we left the campsite and strolled up the path to Samity Lake arriving there at 0945 hours. This was the campsite for the night. Nice setting. It was very cold at the start of the walk until the sun came into the valley when I was able to change into shorts.

We sat about until the ponies and yaks arrived with our tents and bags and had the usual hot juice. Once my tent was pitched I laid out a few things to dry.

At 1045 hours I left the campsite and walked up a narrow ridge with sheer drops to the right where the mountainside had been eroded by rain and snow. I had views of the glaciers of Pandim. Once above the first glacier I sat there and listened to it moving as well as some of the stones beside it.

At 1150 hours I descended back to the campsite and had lunch at 1200 hours which consisted of bread, omelette, roast potatoes, kidney beans and pilchards.

At 1300 hours I washed, changed my clothes, and packed for the early start the next day. I wrote up my notebook and read until 1530 hours when we had afternoon tea and biscuits. It was a cold afternoon with cloud clearing and good views of the mountains surrounding the campsite.

At 1700 hours we had dinner, which consisted of soup, rice and onion bhajis. At 1900 hours I retired to bed. The sky was clear with thousands of stars showing the snowy peaks surrounding the campsite with thousands of stars. I read for only about ten minutes before lights out at 1910 hours.

Ascent for day was 335 metres with descent of 10 metres. Maximum altitude was 4375 metres.

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