Friday, 10 October 2008

Friday 9 November 2001


At 0530 hours I awoke to a clear and frosty morning and to a mug of tea as kitchen staff went round the tents offering tea to everyone. Thereafter I packed my gear before breakfast at 0630 hours.

At 0720 hours we left the campsite and climbed up to Chiwa (3143 metres) which was to be our campsite for the night. We continued south along ridge to Kalihar (3440 metres) where we had a break. Drew, Gill, Maggie Berger, Cameron, Gina and myself, led by a sherpa, continued along the ridge to Singali (3685 metres) where we had lunch. This would have been part of the ridge walked on the trek if it had not been re-routed. Later we returned to Chiwa where I had a snooze. I didn’t feel 100% due to the altitude but felt better after taking on some more liquid.

At 1800 hours we had dinner in the mess tent and at 1945 hours retired to our tents where I wrote up notebook and read. Lights out was at 2030hours and I slept well, although up to loo several times due to all the liquid intake.

It had been sunny till mid afternoon when it clouded over. Cold in the evening and during the night.

Ascent for day was 1204 metres with a descent of 654 metres. Maximum altitude was 3685 metres.

This link will take you to other photos taken this day.